A Veteran of Visionary Furniture

Pierre Jeanneret is one of the most renowned and highly regarded architects and designers in India's post-independence era. He was mostly responsible for the modelling of modern Chandigarh city. Right from mass-housings to educational institutions, the entire civic architecture project was mainly inspired and executed by him. Jeanneret has left behind an exceptional legacy of a visionary. This could be owed to his simplistic and authentic pieces of furniture and architecture. His lengthy stay in the Indian subcontinent, specifically in Chandigarh, led him to adopt numerous Indian techniques in his works. 

Jeanneret had found the perfect blend between European functionalism & ideals and Indian craftsmanship & spirit to design his pieces. With the use of simple materials and gross attention to detail, Jeanneret was able to create architectural marvels. He had always revered Indian techniques and craftsmanship, which is why his own home was full of traditional Indian furniture. Right from the conventional charpai to woven chairs and stools, the architectural mastermind had uncovered the absolute charm and functionality of Indian artistry. 

Pierre Jeanneret’s House in Chandigarh

Skilled Samaritan holds this visionary in high veneration for his contributions to and recognition of modern Indian architecture and design. Following the ideologies and standards set forth by him, we introduce our range of charpais, benches, and stools. They have been created for the urban consumer using age-old weaving techniques. These techniques have been expertly implemented by our women artisans who learned these skill sets from their ancestors. 

Such a beautiful form of weaving is rare and growing even more so, with the knowledge remaining amongst barely a handful of people. We must ensure the continuity and flourish of these vital Indian arts that define our very heritage and culture. 

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