Peacock Feathers

They say third time’s the charm. So, for our third blog post we’ve decided to showcase a couple of our most charming products! SSF brings to you the first ever post of the ‘Chair Affair’. This edition is known as ‘Peacock Feathers’ for the vibrancy and vivacity displayed by these products. Besides a quick introduction to our mission for sustainability, we’re also giving you a peek into the production processes and materials we use. Most importantly, we will be sharing with you the massive environmental impact our products have and give you a chance to make similar ones for your Mother Earth.

Vision & Mission

Fun Fact: An average SSF product uses 9 kgs of waste textile/plastic, saving the world from 18 kgs of CO2 emissions per product.

Our vision for our country, and at large the world, is to strive for a world where women can work and live as equals in a respectable environment. Complying to a dual mission, we aim to provide employment opportunities for women across rural India while designing beautiful products in a sustainable fashion. To do so:

  • We identify and support women communities who have unique and undiscovered craftsman skills. 
  • By connecting them to designers, we help them understand the type of products that are in demand. Our current focus is on skill-sets of charpoy weaving and macrame styles of weaving, that are native to the Muzaffarnagar region in Uttar Pradesh.
  •  Skilled Samaritan provides training, workshop facilities and designs from in-house designers, to develop high quality premium home décor and fashion accessories that are marketed to an urbane and global audience, using online and offline sales channels. 
  • Most of these products are made from waste/salvaged textiles and multi-layer industrial packaging waste so the products are sustainable in nature, thereby encouraging responsible production and consumption patterns, thereby strongly contributing to a circular economy. 

From: Waste 
To: Chairs That Wow



Chanchal Chameli is a pair of sisters that impresses viewers upon first glance. If these chairs were kids, they would be the typical ‘Sharma-ji-ki-betiyaan’ because they cannot stop to awe. They are inspired by bohemian designs and eye-catching colours. What makes them interesting:

  • They’re made from natural jute and recycled chindi cloth rags. You might just be reunited with your favourite t-shirt from 12 years ago that your mom threw away because of how many holes it had. (listen to your mom, there really were too many holes).
  • We take all such discards from the textile industry and give their life another beautiful standing purpose. Rather a sitting one, I suppose.
How do we do this? 
Excess discarded cloth waste ropes are made using the mechanism of Gandhi's spinning wheel, where we have 'invented' a simple indigenous machinery at village level operated by our women to twine long shreds of cloth strips into usable bright ropes. If Gandhi were here today, I’m sure he would have said that a rag for a rope will make the whole world sustainable :)
Where should you keep these beauties?
Well, some of our customers from Haryana all the way to Kolkata, have kept a pair (or one) of the Chanchal Chamlelis in their homes, and according to them, the best place to show them off are:
    • Patios
    • A quiet corner of your living room
    • Home gardens
    • The in-house library

Environmental Impact

Hours to Weave: 5
#Waste reused : 14 kgs
Co2 savings: 50.4 kgs


Price: (for both)- Rupees 15,800  

          (for one)- Rupees 8,200 

If you too want these stunning sisters in your home, you’re just a click, transaction and shipment- delivered-message away from enjoying a lovely cup of coffee on the Chanchal Chameli. 



The Mriganka is a high bar chair that sets even higher standards for all your other furniture. It has been woven by some of our master women artisans by fusing traditional weaving methods with modern design sensibilities. What makes it interesting:

  • It has been made completely out of waste textile. The same material used for the previous chairs. 
  • You have an exciting option to FULLY customise this design according to the specifications and colour palettes of your homes! Just write to and avail your personalised Mriganka.
Where should you keep these beauties?

Every home has a heart that beats in its own way and no one can design your home better than you. If you want our advice, our top places for this would be:

    • Lounge Areas
    • Balcony/ garden
    • Home bar
    • Dining Area
Environmental Impact

Hours to Weave: 1.5
#Waste reused : 1.2 kgs
Co2 savings: 4.3 kgs

Price: Rupees 7,200

For acquiring this beautiful design for your home, check out the SHOP section on this website for a smooth purchase. Saving the environment has never felt so comfortable before!


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