The Laying Summer Tanager
The Laying Summer Tanager
The Laying Summer Tanager

The Laying Summer Tanager

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The Laying Summer Tanager Tray

 Hours to Weave: 2
 #WastetoWow: 1 kgs
 Co2 savings: 1.3 kgs
 Rope Material: Waste Plastic

Made for lazy mornings and breakfast in bed, our charpoy trays are intricately woven by our skilled women artisans from upcycled plastic wrappers on an iron frame. Handles added for ease. Occasionally dust down with a dry cloth as this one is hassle free and proven to be super useful. 

Product Dimensions:

  • Tray Length: 12 inches
  • Tray Width: 8 inches
  • Tray Depth: 3 inches

Note: Rope colors may slightly vary from actual image as materials used are subject to availability. Each product is handwoven by skilled women artisans and are one of a kind. Read our policies for information on returns/refunds and shipping.

 * Please find more details on our sustainability metrics here. #Wastetowow is the approximate amount of waste used to make this WOW product. 

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