Setting up 'Skill Labs' to create income opportunities for 10,000 women from 50 villages in Muzaffarnagar District.

Objective: To provide increased and continued socio-economic opportunities and resources for over 350 women, from 20 villages in Muzaffarnagar District, by using their existing skillsets and existing local resources to make sustainable products for an urbane buyer.

Goal: To transition from a centralized to a decentralized model to support Skilled Samaritan (SSF) in its mission to reduce attrition rate and increase women base from 102 to 350 women by Jan 2021 by providing design thinking and training opportunities to women using a work-from-home model, to develop ‘marketable products’ .

Post Covid- Decentralised Model 

We aim to move our existing production facility to set up  ‘Skill Labs’ at community centres close to village Budhina Khurd, which is at a central point from atleast 20 villages.  We have 15 years lease approvals to operate at this location and can use the building and facility rent free, but need to set up our workshop and dispatch unit. This facility will be small hub in the vicinity of 15-20 villages (walkable /cyclable distance), with minimum required staff and will serve as a ‘drop-collection’ unit where women can come or send their male counterparts to collect input/raw materials and weave the final product in the comfort & safety of their homes. The products will be dropped off for quality checks, packaging and shipping from the Skill Lab to the end customer.

The 3 pillars of our work


Skilled Samaritan works closely with rural women artisans to make beautifully designed products using ropes made from clean, unused and hygienic waste waste from packaging units and fabric waste from textile units.

This essentially means that we use multi layer (HDPE and LDPE) plastic and cloth waste materials created during the manufacturing process that has not yet passed through the consumer, but would have otherwise been dumped and discarded; adding to the global plastic waste. 


We aim to revive age old forms of weaving and furniture styles that originated in pre-partition India almost 5000 years ago. Said to be the most functional piece of furniture ever created, the Indian charpai  is and was synonymous with siestas, conversations, gatherings and even childbirth. Weaving intricate pieces of charpai was a craft in itself that provided employment to many till the introduction of the 'double bed', we see in houses today.  

Confined mostly to smaller towns and villages nestled in the interiors of Northern India, Skilled Samaritan aims to bring back this ancient form of weaving using contemporary designs to create functional pieces for modern Indian homes. 


In an attempt to revive this dying craft, we spent half a decade identifying the remaining few weavers to train and pass on this form of weaving to rural women in need of employment. We aim to provide these newly trained artisans a global platform to market their products thereby creating a model of sustainable income and employment.  



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