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Looking for creative ways to inspire your students? Skilled Samaritan Foundation has created an interactive program for schools & colleges to engage their students in hands on experiences away from the four walls of their classrooms.

As part of their social initiatives, we encourage schools to participate in programs where their students will be part of exciting team building exercises and educational experiences.


Village Khoiri & Sirohi, 40 kms from Delhi


1. Introductory talk on renewable energy and its applications by a team of experts explaining utility of renewable energy and its applications
2. A visit around the village with a focus on the Sirohi Solar electrification project
3. The trip will be concluded with a walk along the beautiful lakes and lunch for the students
4. The students can be asked to write a short essay on he their experiences that would reinforce their learning and provide valuable feedback to the teachers 


SSF has collaborated with DPS, GD Goenka, Centre of Social responsibility (CRSL) and many such reputed schools and colleges to curate walks and excursions for their students. To read testimonials and see photos from their trips, click here

Details: Write to us to plan a trip for your students. 


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