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DIY Mini Charpai Kits

Sirohi introduces its latest initiative that allows you to weave your own mini charpai at home! You can learn this traditional form of weaving which has been passed down through the generations, directly from our artisans. Take part in this unique experience of making something functional, sustainable and beautiful with your hands and our help!

The kit includes the following:

1. 1 Mini Charpoy Frame (wood)

Dimensions (inch): 12 L x 6 W x 3.5 H

    2. Natural Jute Rope (0.25 kg)

    3. Recycled Textile Waste Rope ( 0.25 kg)

    Hours to Weave: 0.5 hours
    #WastetoWow: 0.7 kg
    Co2 savings: 2.3 kg

    You can also weave it according to your own liking or follow our simple tutorials that are uploaded on our YouTube Channel & Instagram pages. 

    Click here to view the videos.

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    We work closely with rural women artisans to make beautifully designed products using ropes made from clean, unused and hygienic waste waste from packaging units and fabric waste from textile units.

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    We aim to bring back old forms of weaving and furniture styles that originated in pre-partition India, almost 5000 years ago, using contemporary designs to create functional pieces for modern Indian homes.

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    In an attempt to revive this dying craft, we aim to provide our trained artisans a global platform to market their products thereby creating a model of sustainable income and employment.

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