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Rope Material - Macrame Cotton

Black and White ropes made from waste cotton fibres are locally available in hardware shops in our region. We work with a natural dyer to colour these ropes for our indoor furniture. 

Colour: Variants

Size: 3 mm



Properties and Usage: Natural Fibre, Low Maintenance, Indoors, Avoid rains.

The availability of this rope material depends on the availability of the waste textile. In case we have a shortage of waste material (something you should be happy about!), we will contact you regarding the same and you can change your choice of rope.



As natural dyes are used for the cotton cords, the colour of the rope can vary from the colour shown in the picture. 


We work closely with rural women artisans to make beautifully designed products using ropes made from clean, unused and hygienic waste waste from packaging units and fabric waste from textile units.

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We aim to bring back old forms of weaving and furniture styles that originated in pre-partition India, almost 5000 years ago, using contemporary designs to create functional pieces for modern Indian homes.

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In an attempt to revive this dying craft, we aim to provide our trained artisans a global platform to market their products thereby creating a model of sustainable income and employment.

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