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The magical materials we work with!

Today, it’s time to reveal our secret. To connect with our consumers on a deeper level, we need to help them understand what makes Sirohi what it is today and what goes on behind the scenes to make...

Weaving Entrepreneurship through Community

Self establishing entrepreneurial skills within the rural communities of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh through income opportunities by leveraging pre-existing skill-sets in the community. An autobio...

Azah x Sirohi - Menstrual Hygiene Drive

We partnered up with PowerHouse91's premiere women's hygiene brand Azah to educate our artisans about the need and importance of menstrual hygiene and spreading awareness about better products in t...

The Entre-pun-eur Series EP 8 : Janvi Tiwari

The Entre-pun-eur Initiative by Sirohi is a one of its kind virtual chat with some of our favourites from the business industry spanning over environmental, fashion, lifestyle, tech and more areas!...

Artisan Stories : Zehra

When asked what she would like to tell non-working women, she says very confidently that she would tell them to just learn the skill and start work!

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