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Artisan Stories : Zehra

When asked what she would like to tell non-working women, she says very confidently that she would tell them to just learn the skill and start work!

Artisan Stories : Shahiba

Through craft, Shahiba hopes to design a future of financial independence for herself and many more women! 

The Entre-pun-eur Series EP3: Mansi Shah

A key point Mansi highlighted was that most people still don’t know what sustainability truly stands for. "In this technical day & age, we’re constantly being bombarded with news and informatio...

The Entre-pun-eur Series EP2: Niha Elety

In the second session of Entre-pun-eur, we chat with Niharika Elety - an aspiring fashion designer who champions a slow, sustainable lifestyle through Instagram. In this, we give a nod to sustainab...

Weave Your Own Charpai!

It was during this time of uncertainty and confinement, that we at Sirohi came out with the Weave Your Own Mini Charpai Initiative which would engage people irrespective of their age or gender, and...

Samaritan Story: Inspiring Women

In our most recent collaboration with 200 million artisans, we asked people to send us stories about the women in their lives who inspire them to think differently & act responsibly. This resp...

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