“We’re all about the boss stories, not the sob ones.” A bold statement to start our story, read on to find out why.

Our Story

Our work began back in 2012 in an arcadian village in rural Haryana known as Sirohi. It is a charming village nestled among the Aravali hills that boasts of a simple and slow life. Skilled Samaritan Foundation put Sirohi on the map in 2012 with its solar lighting project. This was where our inspiration was born and this is where our journey begins.

After observing and interacting with the members of the Sirohian community for almost half a decade, we realised the opportunity gap in our rural communities where people have immense talent but lack the chance and skill to showcase it. We have now focused our efforts on design and craft, to create an exclusive range of products that wouldn’t just be functional but would serve a purpose.

Organisational Background

We began creating our products in January 2019 in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Our work started with just one woman, Gauhar Fatma, simply because the rest of them refused. In those communities, women are discouraged to work.

However, once they realised that this was a legitimate source of income, more and more women joined us. Today, we have a stronghold of over 200 women working with us as financially independent equals in their communities.

Moving Forward

Leveraging their existing skill sets, we aim to handcraft a range of high quality luxury products in the sustainable lifestyle sector. Going beyond this, we are also connecting our artisans with designers from all over the globe to help them understand modern design sensibilities.

We are also focusing on supporting thousands of women artisans & artisan clusters to acquire all necessary tools and skills to create functional & practical products.

Our work addresses issues from a Local, National and Global context:


Tackling gender inequality & increasing employment opportunities for women in rural communities.


Promoting sustainable & responsible consumption by upcycling plastic and textile waste in a circular economy.


Working towards the UN SDG 12: ‘Responsible consumption and Production’ & SDG 5: Issues of Gender Inequality.

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