To promote sustainable living, Sirohi products are handcrafted with either natural or up-cycled waste materials.

What Makes Our Products Sustainable?

Sustainability Calculation Measures

Research by the bureau of international recycling shows that rescuing a single kg used clothing from landfill can help save up to 3.6 kgs co2 emissions. WHO global challenges report states for every kg of recycled plastics, the co2 saving is 1.5 kg.We have also been certified by Good Market Global as a sustainable brand.

Our Materials

We use ropes made from clean, unused and hygienic waste from packaging units and fabric waste from textile units. This essentially means that we use multi layer (HDPE and LDPE) plastic and cloth waste materials created during the manufacturing process that has not yet passed through the consumer, but would have otherwise been dumped and discarded; adding to the global plastic waste. Instead, we upcycle these leftover plastic and textile waste materials into coirs or ropes to weave products using traditional Indian styles.

Our Weaving Techniques

Our products are made for a simple, slow & sustainable lifestyle. Read more about how we infuse heritage with contemporary designs in our products.

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