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Building India's first tech-based design program called the Skill Lab to train artisans to make better quality products, so they can earn higher wages and access online market linkages.

If you are a craft-entrepreneur working with skilled artisans, looking for on-going design support to develop a new collection PLUS assured market linkages for the collection, this program is for you.

Write to us at design@sirohi.org

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How it works

  • A designer will be connected to your project to train artisans on new skills, design techniques to sample and develop products 
  • An impact manager will be connected to support you with onboarding artisans and implementing relevant benefits 
  • M&E App installed on artisans’ phones to track payments and benefits availed post program 

Eligibility Criterion

  • Registered For-profit and non-profit enterprises craft micro-entrepreneurs working in the handicrafts industry
  • Early stage enterprises in operations between 6 months to 3 years 
  • Working with min 25-100 artisans
  • Ability to commit to meet 3 months timeline for sampling and developing new collection of min 100 products 
  • Focus on home decor and gifting  products 
  • All payments will be directly made to artisans bank accounts and a 15-20% facilitation fee to the micro-entrepreneur 

Designing functional products that create a difference in people's living & working spaces fuels my work & energy to produce better & bigger.

Gauri Gopal Agrawal

As a proud member of Sirohi, a brand that revives traditional weaving techniques and supports artisans, I am honoured to be part of preserving our craft heritage. Handmade products have a story tell, and I am proud to contribute to creating functional and beautiful handwoven products that merge art with market demands. Being part of Sirohi allows me to make a meaningful contribution to society while supporting artisans and preserving our art and culture in a world dominated by machine- made products.


I enjoyed giving life to people’s visualization of their homes with my customization projects.

Roshni Gurung

Deriving inspiration from a fusion of bauhaus and traditional Indian weaves, I loved working on such culture-centric designs.

Rashmi Bidasaria

I was inspired by the need to incorporate clever mechanisms into the art of weaving in achieving functionality before form in all my designs.

Deirdre Dunham

At Sirohi, I loved working closely with the local artisans. It gave me a chance to understand their abilities and reflect them in my designs.

Purva Kundaje

Drawing inspiration from Central African raffia patterns, Lia enjoyed working with local craftsmen to understand the impact different cultures have on her work

Lia Raquel Marques

I absolutely loved working with the artisans and developing products that are urban in function yet traditional at the same time!

Smriti Sreekumar

It has been exciting and fun to work on woven products directly with artisans and other designers.

Moe Asari

Penning down the inspiration & requirements of clients & making those products with the help of the Artisans, the sustainable materials, our team, & especially the client themselves, was like swooshing a Magic Wand & voila!

Kashish Khan

A very fruitful experience working with driven and determined women, who were always willing to help me learn and grow. Also gained valuable insights into the world of e-commerce!

Shreyaa Goswami