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Our skilled artisans will teach participants how to weave a mini charpoy using traditional techniques. Participants will get to interact with the artisans, learn about the craft's history, and develop a deeper appreciation for the skill involved in creating a charpoy.

Our workshop is designed to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners to experienced weavers. Our artisans will guide the participants throughout the process, ensuring everyone leaves with a beautiful and functional charpoy.

Materials Required

We provide all the necessary materials, including wooden frames, ropes or fabric, and tools. Participants do not need to bring any additional materials or tools.

1. Mini Charpai Wooden Frame - L 12” x W 4” x H 3.5”

2. Natural Jute Rope (0.25kg)

3. Recycled Textile Waste Rope (0.25kg)

Relevant Audience

The workshop is suitable for corporates and schools looking to promote traditional crafts and sustainability while fulfilling their CSR initiatives. The workshop can be customized to suit the needs of participants of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced weavers.

Modes of Conduct

The workshop can be conducted both online via Google Meet/Zoom and offline in person as per the requirements.

The duration of the workshop is 1-2 hours

Sustainability Metrics

#WasteToWow: 0.5 kgs (how much waste material gets converted into a wow product)

Co2 Savings: 1 kg (amount of carbon emission reduced by reusing waste material)

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