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Sustainable living is the new way of living. You’ve probably seen efforts companies and society, as a whole, are making towards a more sustainable future for the generations to come. But what if you were told, that’s what Sirohi has been doing all this time with our products? We have been one step forward from the rest of the world from the start. Our lifestyle choices impact the world around us and if we wish for a future of spirit and liveliness, our daily life preferences should positively impact the environment. 

There are essentially three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental. As the names would suggest, the social pillar refers to the approval a company receives from the community it operates in. This can be received through the promotion of values of respect and equality towards individual rights. The economic pillar is the ability of a company to contribute to economic development by encouraging the protection of the environment through the recycling of products and energy efficiency. The final environmental pillar is based on reducing any risks posed to the environment through the production of products or goods. This is based on reducing a company’s carbon footprint.  

Here’s where Sirohi’s values and ability to be sustainable come into play:

Our artisans use ropes from the plastic and cloth waste material of other manufacturing processes. As well as this, natural materials, such as jute and cotton are used to help our environment just that little bit more. This, in turn, allows for a product to form in a natural or up-cycled manner. It is not only the materials that form Sirohi’s sustainable philosophy, but also the methods used to construct the products. Our artisans hand weave intricately to share their skills and express their talents in creating sustainable and functional products to be used by families. This meets the environmental pillar for sustainable development.


This reflection of Indian history and heritage, through carefully designed patterns, textures and colours, is what Sirohi aims to represent. A way of living that celebrates sustainability through handmade products and up-cycling techniques. Not only that, but we aim to admire the abilities of our artisans to create such beautiful art with the use of only their hands and l traditional Indian tools. The artisan’s products are then shared with the wider community allowing for the social aspects of sustainability to be achieved. The rights of our artisans are protected, as well as the promotion of different cultures and skills. 

Through the mentioned methods, economic sustainability is widely achieved by Sirohi through using techniques as a company to ensure sustainable production and contributing to the economic growth of society by reducing harm made to the environment. The organisation aims to keep the energy used in all aspects of the production of goods as efficient as possible, especially through upcycling and hand weaving.

We hope this inspires you to live and buy sustainably for a brighter future, not only for ourselves, but all those after us. 

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