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Muzaffarnagar. Koto, a social community platform for women and Sirohi, an artist supported sustainable luxury brand organized their first on ground workshop for women artisans of Muzaffarnagar in Budhina Kalan village of the region.

Led by Gynecologist Dr. Aparna Singh (MBBS, MS, DM), the objective of the workshop was to raise awareness about cervical cancer, sharing important information about its causes, symptoms and prevention. SII joined as a partner in this initiative to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Additionally, ZeeLabs, a leader in healthcare solutions, conducted one on one health checkups for the women artisans and distributed 300 free medical kits at the workshop.

According to the National Institute of Health, cervical cancer accounts for about 6%-29% of all cancers in women in India. It is estimated that cervical cancer affects one in every 53 Indian women during their lifetime, while it affects one in every 100 women in the more developed countries of the world. Due to the increasing rate of cervical cancer in the country, it is important to raise awareness and educate women from marginalized sections of the society so that they can take necessary steps and preventive measures. More than 150 women from Budhina Kalan community participated in the workshop. Under the guidance of Dr. Aparna Singh, women artisans were not only made aware about cervical cancer, but were also advised to pay attention to their overall health and hygiene. After the workshop, a one.on.one counseling session was organized to help them adopt a more hygienic approach in their daily life.

Speaking about this unique collaboration, Aparna Achrekar, Co-Founder, Koto, said, this initiative aims to empower women artisans to overcome societal expectations and domestic responsibilities, allowing them to express their concerns, ideas and aspirations. Get confidence to express. By making them aware about health and hygiene practices, especially cervical cancer, we promote a sense of self-awareness and encourage them to take responsibility for their better health. Through counseling sessions after each workshop, participants can better utilize their new-found knowledge, which can lead to positive changes in life.

Discussing the impact of this collaboration, Gauri Malik, Founder, Sirohi said, we believe that this partnership will help our women artisans see the world in a new way. They will learn about the importance of health and hygiene and will be able to educate other women about these topics, including cervical cancer. The workshop will provide women artisans an opportunity to have meaningful conversations that will inspire and motivate them to become leaders in their communities. Today's session was a success and both parties were fully committed to the workshop, a positive sign that change is possible.

Rohit Mukul, Founder, ZeeLabs, said, “We are excited to be a part of this initiative and provide medical support today through health camps and distribution of essential medical kits. This is in line with ZeeLab's endeavor to deliver quality medicines at the ground level in the country and create awareness about medical needs.

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