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Sirohi invites you to immerse yourself in a rural idyllic day at the village we work around Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. We provide a unique experience that seamlessly integrates education, culture, and community engagement.


Sirohi Facility in Muzaffarnagar, 158 kms from Delhi, India.


Knowledge Exchange

Participants embark on a day trip where they collaborate with local artisans, contributing to the upskilling of women in Sirohi.

Weaving Workshop

The experience includes a Mini Charpai Weaving Workshop conducted by these artisans, allowing patrons to learn traditional weaving techniques firsthand.

Culinary Experience

The day culminates with an authentic culinary experience, featuring local cuisine served either in the village or at the Sirohi facility, offering a rich taste of the region's heritage.

Unwind and Relax

Immerse yourself in the lush expanse of mango orchards, where the vibrant greenery and sweet fragrance of ripening fruit provide a perfect escape.


  • CORPORATE OFFSITES : Enhance team cohesion and morale in a unique setting.

• SCHOOLS & COLLEGES : Provide students with a practical understanding of industrial processes and traditional craftsmanship.

CSR ACTIVITIES : Engage employees in meaningful community initiatives and support local artisans.

Get in Touch

Reach out to us at communications@sirohi.org to discuss more in detail.


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