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With the current Covid Crisis making centralised work spaces almost defunct and bringing about a work-from-home culture, we have designed a beautiful and functional work-from-home desk that is creatively suited for apartment living or big spaces, practical and very sustainable. Additionally, the purchase of these desks provides steady incomes to women from rural communities in Western Uttar Pradesh. Made from Jamoa wood with a natural polish and our charpoy styled woven frame inserted below a glass casing to keep your everyday work life stylish and sustainable. 

We're also proud to announce that we recently won India's Best Design Award for this design. 

Sustainability in furniture design is not limited to the innovative use of materials. To design sustainably, is also to consider our heritage – for instance, the forgotten charpais that were India’s most functional piece of furniture and created employment opportunities for many, were durable beds that also doubled as seating for large family gatherings.  

The charpai style of weaving is core to our design philosophy at Sirohi, and we have displayed how these weaves and patterns can be used in other fields in entirely new ways. While we talk about heritage, the charpai styles of weaving have strong cultural elements to it – and a prospective story about our ever-changing environment. Besides its sustainable elements of design and materials, a lot of thought has been put into crafting the shape. The design is aesthetically pleasing and displays a fine proportional balance.

When we looked back in time to assess the durability and fitted weaving techniques of the charpai– we discovered strong characteristics of multi-functionality: something solid, something durable. The desk’s wooden base has a strong presence, beautifully twined jute ropes to mount it from a wall so it can be lifted and pushed up against the wall to create additional room and serve as a black board or a piece of art. 

The wooden desktop has a traditional pattern of a charpai weave and a glass top making the desk strangely futuristic yet rooted in tradition. 


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