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The Design Lab found its roots and inspiration from the typical Indian way of sewing clothes. One buys cloth material from a trusted fabric outlet. Then proceeds to approach the tailor for sewing it according to your measurements and additional measures to make it look ‘just right’. We go through this effortful process so that we can finally use the design we’ve envisioned for so long. To be honest, there isn’t a rush of joy that compares to seeing your immaterial idea finally come to fruition. If only you could do that when it came to designing your home.

Don’t fret because we are working to bring that same rush of joy, into your spaces and homes. 


The Design Lab is our most effortful and intricate project, woven together especially for you. These days, whenever we look to buy furniture it's always an act of settlement rather than fulfilment. We settle for the closest colour or a similar style but never find the exact match that we pictured in our minds. 

We ask, why settle?

With the Design Lab you can create and customise your furniture exactly as and how you want it. With us, you will be able to fulfil, not just settle. Right from benches to stools and charpais, you can choose any piece of furniture to furbish your space. All you have to do is select the frame, weave patterns and colours, and you can count on our team to deliver you excellence. Oh, and furniture too!

Impact & Importance

At Skilled Samaritan, reuse and recognise are two of our cardinal goals. When we make a product, we make sure that it is compatible with and contributing to the environment and the communities. By supporting us, you will be contributing to a circular economy and lighting a path for achieving sustainability. By supporting us, you will be empowering hundreds of women artisans from rural India who never saw a life beyond household chores. By supporting us, you will be supporting your Mother Earth and all its citizens.

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