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Samaritan Story: Inspiring Women

In our most recent collaboration with 200 million artisans, we asked people to send us stories about the women in their lives who inspire them to think differently & act responsibly. This resp...

Samaritan Story: The Tree of Life

A heartwarming story of passion and the power of working with your hands & hearts. This beautiful Madhubani mural has been painted by Mr. Jaiprakash, an extremely talented painter from Allahaba...


Taking you back in time to the arcadian settings of Sirohi, Haryana in rural Northern India, Skilled Samaritan takes you through a journey of spreading thoughts and ideas via art. 

Design Ideologies At Sirohi

While the motive to weave these sensations is purely purposeful of reviving the lost traditions of the Indian culture, our inspiration or ideology behind the products is quite different...

The Design Lab

The Design Lab is our most effortful and intricate project, woven together especially for you. These days, whenever we look to buy furniture it's always an act of settlement rather than fulfilment...

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