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“ Ma’am, art sabka hai”

Art is for all

- Mr. Jaiprakash, a passionate painter

Beautiful mural painted by a local artist, Mr. Jaiprakash, India

Mural Title: The Tree of Life 

Artist: Mr. Jaipraksh

Story by: Neenu Nayyar 

Artist's Story

This beautiful Madhubani mural has been painted by Mr. Jaiprakash, an extremely talented painter from Allahabad, India. He is a graduate from the Allahabad University and shifted to Delhi to pursue his dream of expanding his canvas to this diverse nation. In Delhi, he started work as a freelance artist and evidently, didn’t take much time to win hearts. Recently, Mr. Jaiprakash has displayed his marvelous work at the New Delhi & Bengaluru railway stations. 


The artist, Mr. Jaiprakash, alongside the mural he has painted

The ‘Tree of Life’ painted in the above picture rests in the home of Ms. Neenu Nayyar who has shared Mr. Jaiprakash’s story with us. Fondly known as Jai bhaiyya in their home, she is extremely grateful for his work and talent that has brightened up the plain white entrance wall in her home with vibrancy & love. 

Remarks on the Mural

He may be a small artist back then but his work was better than any of the well known artists. And while he was doing up this wall, his smile never left his face. He was enjoying his work and we enjoyed watching him. I wish people would support more of the local Indian art and artists :)  “ 

- Neenu Nayyar.


A heartwarming story of passion and the power of working with your hands & hearts. 

Let’s support more of such dedicated local artists, artisans & passion-pursuers to make in India, for a better India.  

 If you too have such stories of passion, empowerment, sustainability and more write to us at tanaya@skilledsamaritan.com. You can submit your stories in format of photos, articles, videos, or anything at all!

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