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Sirohi is a design first brand for high quality home and decor products that are handmade by  artisans across India. The brand sells products under its label while providing global buyers and retailers a platform to source high quality products that are handmade & have a story to tell. 

Sirohi announced a pre seed investment partnership with IIMA Ventures (Formerly known as IIMA-CIIE) which will fuel Sirohi's mission to empower artisans and build a global brand for high-quality Indian handcrafted products.

Sirohi: Championing Ethical Sourcing and Artisan Empowerment

Sirohi is a purpose-driven platform that connects conscious consumers with a curated selection of exquisite handmade products directly handmade & sourced from skilled Indian artisans. Founded on the principles of fair trade and ethical sourcing, Sirohi ensures artisans receive a fair wage for their craft, while providing customers with unique and authentic pieces that celebrate traditional Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary form.

IIMA Ventures: Investing in Innovation and Impact

IIMA Ventures is known for its focus on high-growth, impactful companies. Their investment philosophy aligns perfectly with Sirohi's vision, providing crucial resources to scale the platform and deepen its reach.

A Shared Vision for Global Recognition

This investment marks a pivotal moment for Sirohi's trajectory. The funds will be strategically deployed to:

  • Build a Strong Leadership Team: Sirohi will invest in recruiting experienced industry leaders to guide and accelerate growth in product curation and building International partnerships.
  • Strengthen Supply Chain: The brand aims to partner with parent organizations supporting craft clusters across India, to invest in design-first products 
  • Develop and Utilize Technological Solutions: Investments will be made to build a tech-enabled infrastructure that streamlines operations and user experience.

4x Growth and Impact

Sirohi’s commitment to showcasing Indian crafts has fueled a remarkable 4x growth in just one year! Sirohi has also fostered successful B2B partnerships with primarily Indian corporates and brands over the last 3 years since its inception. Previously funded by Upaya Social Ventures, the brand has continuously focused on large scale impact while growing it’s business of handmade products via strategic partnerships. 

Beyond its impressive partnerships and business growth, Sirohi has demonstrably achieved remarkable social impact. In FY 23-24, the organization directly worked with over 750+ artisans . This impact translates to crafting 50,000 beautiful products. 

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for Indian Artisanship

With IIMA Ventures' partnership, Sirohi is poised for further expansion. By empowering artisans and providing premium Indian handicrafts to a global audience, Sirohi is redefining the future of Indian craftsmanship for a discerning international market.

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