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Our partnership with for their Ambience Mall store launch, providing Sirohi boxes to exemplify our sustainable and empowering collaboration. Here's a deeper look into the impact generated by this collaboration:

Impact Analysis

Sustainable Product Initiative
Our alliance with UNIQLO has brought to life 1000 handwoven boxes that marry functionality with eco-friendliness, serving as a model for sustainable product development. This initiative has not only enhanced the aesthetic of eco-conscious packaging but has also fostered a culture of mindful consumption within the community.

Efficiency in Delivery
The synergy between UNIQLO's vision and our operational capabilities ensured the efficient creation and distribution of these sustainable packaging solutions. In mere 12 days and committing 120 hours we were able to achieve this mammoth of a task.
Environmental Contribution
A core aspect of our collaboration has been our mutual dedication to reducing environmental impact. Through this partnership, we've successfully upcycled 1200 kgs of waste, reinforcing our pledge towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

Artisan Empowerment
More than just a business venture, our work with Innisfree has had a profound effect on the lives of over 120 artisans. This collaboration has provided them with meaningful work, skill development opportunities, and a sense of community, showcasing the human side of sustainable business practices.

Craftsmanship Hours
The creation of each handwoven box is a testament to the skill, patience, and dedication of our artisans. A cumulative 120 hours of craftsmanship went into this project, highlighting our commitment to quality and the preservation of traditional crafts.

Carbon Footprint Reduction
In our journey with Innisfree, we've made conscious choices in materials and production processes that have led to a CO2 reduction of 1000kgs. This effort aligns with broader global initiatives to combat climate change and underscores the environmental impact of our collaboration.

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