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At Sirohi, our commitment to fair trade handcrafted goods and ethically sourced products drives our mission forward. Our recent partnership with Axis Bank is a testament to this commitment, aiming to deliver unique & sustainable gifts to their esteemed Burgundy Private customers. This collaboration is a celebration of artisan-crafted excellence and our dedication to empowering artisans.

Our impact Numbers

In just 104 days, we conceptualized, designed, and delivered over 5000 handmade gifts, each a symbol of eco-friendly products and sustainable goods. Our Mae Gifting Box is a prime example of how global artisan crafts can create a significant impact, not just environmentally but socially, by empowering artisans and promoting socially responsible shopping. By upcycling 2500 kg of waste, we not only adhered to our eco-friendly products commitment but also reinforced the importance of a circular economy.

Our collaboration with Axis Bank went beyond mere client satisfaction; it was a journey towards creating meaningful impacts through sustainable goods. The project positively affected 125 lives, showcasing the power of fair trade handcrafted goods in creating unique gifts that carry a story of empowerment and ethical sourcing. The 2400 hours spent weaving each intricate gift hamper underscore our dedication to artisan-crafted quality and aesthetics.

Through this partnership, Sirohi and Axis Bank have set a new standard for socially responsible shopping, demonstrating that unique gifts can also be sustainable and eco-friendly products. As we continue to challenge ourselves and innovate within the global artisan crafts space, we remain committed to our core values of empowering artisans and delivering ethically sourced products to conscious consumers around the world.


Mae Gifting Box

Sirohi X Pravah

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