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In the dynamic world where businesses are pivotal in sculpting a sustainable future, the emerging domain of social commerce emerges as a powerful platform for impactful transformation. Sirohi, in a notable collaboration with Fractal, has made a significant contribution by providing over 1200 eco-friendly, artisan-crafted products to its workforce. This partnership not only enhanced the workplace ambiance but also marked a deliberate move towards sustainable procurement practices. Below is an in-depth impact analysis of this partnership:

Impact Analysis

Sustainable Product Initiative

Together, Sirohi and Fractal curated a remarkable collection of 1200 eco-conscious products, blending aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility, and promoting a culture of mindful consumption among employees.

Efficiency in Delivery

Our joint efforts with Fractal's forward-thinking vision, enabled the swift delivery of these 1200 sustainable corporate gifts within a mere 70 days, showcasing our dedication to efficient, timely solutions.

Environmental Contribution

In line with our mission to minimize environmental footprints, we successfully upcycled 600 kgs of waste throughout the production and packaging stages, reinforcing our commitment to a circular economy.

Artisan Empowerment

This collaboration transcended mere numbers, positively affecting over 100 artisan's lives, highlighting the social impact of our sustainable business model.

Craftsmanship Hours

A total of 1680 hours were invested in the meticulous handcrafting of each product, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and artisanal excellence.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our conscious material selection and production methodologies culminated in a significant CO2 reduction of 960kg, aligning with global efforts to mitigate climate change.

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