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This Diwali, we embarked on a delightful collaboration with the esteemed legacy sweets brand in India, Haldirams. With a shared commitment to eco-friendly gifting, Haldirams partnered with us for our Trays. Despite the festive rush and a fully booked production schedule, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure a happy and timely Diwali celebration for everyone involved.

Impact Numbers

Number of Products

Together with Haldirams, we crafted a collection of 1200 eco-friendly trays and baskets, adding a touch of sustainability to the festive season.

Days Taken

In a race against time during the bustling Diwali season, our team hustled for 70 days to bring this collaboration to life, ensuring smiles all around.

Waste Upcycled

As part of our commitment to eco-conscious practices, we upcycled 600 units of waste during the production and packaging phases, making Diwali celebrations not just sweet but sustainable too.

Lives Impacted

Beyond the numbers, our collaboration positively touched the lives of 30 artisans, reinforcing the human connection and joy embedded in our shared efforts.

Hour to Weave

A total of 1680 hours were invested in weaving each product, infusing the craftsmanship with love and dedication, creating more than just gifts, but cherished memories.

CO2 Saving

Through mindful choices in material selection and production processes, we collectively saved 960 kg of CO2, contributing to a greener and more sustainable Diwali celebration.

Our collaboration with Haldirams for Diwali was more than just a partnership; it was a story of passion, commitment, and shared values. In the spirit of the festival of lights, our teams seamlessly worked together to deliver eco-friendly gifting options, spreading joy and sustainability.

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