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The Entre-pun-eur Initiative by Sirohi is a one of its kind virtual chat with some of our favourites from the business industry spanning over environmental, fashion, lifestyle, tech and more areas! In this, we get into a one-on-one discussion with them to learn about their journey in starting their own venture- not merely the technical challenges but all the fun they had in this experience- the puntastic experience of being an entrepreneur!

Introducing the eighth session from this series, we bring you Janvi Tiwari.


Her Journey

Janvi describes herself as the Chief Menstruating Officer of SOQO.
From wanting to bring a change in the real world by being a political leader to impacting the lives of thousands of women, Janvi wishes to bring a bigger change with SOQO.

In this session, she shines light on period stigma, menstruation misconceptions and the lack of access to basic sanitary needs in some communities.

The Story Behind SOQO

Image: Gauri Agrawal, founder of Sirohi in conversation with Janwi Tiwari, founder of SOQO.

Janvi began working towards educating and increasing awareness about menstrual hygiene in 2018. After tons of experience, research and prototyping admist pandemic, SOQO was officially brought to life in September 2021. In a matter of just a few months, the brand has seen immense success.

Disposable pads generate tonnes of menstrual waste every year. Most of this waste takes hundreds of years to decompose and the rest of it ends up in landfills. Janvi started working towards a solution that was safe for both the people and the planet. SOQO's reusable period underwear is completely organic and sustainably made. She says "Menstrual sustainability comes with the consumption of reusable products".

Through SOQO, Janvi promotes the truth and the real side of being a woman. Her mission is to end the stigma around periods, to empower women while making periods safer and menstrual education more accessible.

When asked if Janvi is intimidated by other similar brands in the market, she says she has the fear of competing with big brands, but that also reflects on all the great things SOQO is capable of doing.

Janvi measures success by how satisfied, comfortable and secure women feel after trying SOQO's products. For the future of SOQO, she aims to make menstrual hygiene comfortable for women at all times.

An advice that she gives to other women is to "fight your fight" and we totally stand by it.

Check out the Live Video!
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