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“Fashion is not binary. It is simply a medium of self-expression and should not be gendered."

The Entre-pun-eur Initiative by Sirohi is a one of its kind virtual chat with some of our favourites from the business industry spanning over environmental, fashion, lifestyle, tech and more areas! In this, we get into a one-on-one discussion with them to learn about their journey in starting their own venture- not merely the technical challenges but all the fun they had in this experience- the puntastic experience of being an entrepreneur!

Introducing the second session from this series, we bring you Niharika Elety.

Image: Niha Elety in conversation with Tanaya Ranade, Website & Marketing Manager at Sirohi.

Niha says Hey!

A nod to Sustainability, Fashion, Art & Dreams with passion.

It is often said that to live life as per one's choices and carry it is rare and thus, cherished. Niharika Elety is an influencer who believes in her dreams and is pragmatic with her choices. Working as a Technical Solutions Specialist at a corporation while simultaneously championing her passion for slow, sustainable fashion makes her unique—a raw identity coupled with strong beliefs and a will that breaks norms.

Her journey so far

Having followed the usual norm of college-societal expectations-succumbing to a 9 to 5 job for stability, Niha's story started out like a lot of ours. However, her passion for gender, racial and stereotypical issues led her to create a space for herself to set her opinions on the table. 

Becoming An Instagram Influencer

Initially, Niha began her career on Instagram to use the social media platform to voice her opinions and beliefs. To put herself out there. Her audiences enjoyed her work so much that they couldn't resist bestowing an influencer's status upon her. This is where her journey into the sustainable fashion industry begins.

Being an aspiring fashion designer, Niha wanted to spread her belief that fashion is not binary. She firmly believes in the degendering of style & creating it as a medium of self-expression. This is also the central focus of her upcoming project.

There are many heartwarming anecdotes and incidents which Niha talks about in the session that have aided her Instagram experience. Covering snippets from her journey of realizing the importance of sustainability, she advises 5 essential rules for everyone for an easier transition to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The 5 most effortless transitions people can make are:

  1. Use what you already have- don't throw your 'old' things as they still might hold different values!
  2. Mending & repairing things is necessary - up-cycling is your BFF.
  3. Try to shop from small businesses, handcrafted stores & farmers.
  4. Look into your own heritage- your ancestors have been up-cycling & adopting all kinds of sustainable practices for years. Find ways to incorporate it in your life to reconnect with your culture.
  5. Learn from old stories- they hold the most wisdom ;)

Working day long as a technical analyst, she devotes her evenings to studying and researching. Her top advice for anyone looking to start their venture is to read every day and seek perfection in your knowledge- to never give up trying on any of your dreams or aspirations.

Niha's future plans include launching a sustainable fashion brand of hers that is BIPOC inclusive & representative. We wish her all the luck with her big plans!

Check out the Live Video!

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