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Inspiring learning one knot at a time

By Gunjan Kulkarni

When the world was paused during lockdown, everyone came up with their own way of dealing with it. People reminisced about their old games, many cooked together, few painted but almost everyone did something which they liked and hobbies, lost passions were their escapes. 

It was during this time that we at Sirohi came out with the Weave Your Own Mini Charpai Initiative which would engage people irrespective of their age or gender, and help them acquire a new skill. With the help of our DIY Mini Charpai kits, people could now create aesthetic & culturally grounded pieces of furniture for themselves, from the comfort of their homes. 

DIY Mini Charpai Kits

The reason why we chose the Charpai for this reviving activity is because of its sheer significance in our culture. It resembles an old rustic India sending out a message of a slow sustainable life where people gather to sip chai, gossip & simply be together. With our lives confiding within walls & corners during the lockdown, our initiative of weaving such Charpais was a perfect match to bring the same togetherness and belongingness back in our lives. 

Live Weaving Workshops with Artisans

We did this via virtual sessions with our artisans where they talked about their journey of #wastetowow, being self reliant and learning this skill of weaving which has been passed down through generations in their communities. 

Participants from our workshops with the employees at Intel and Woodstock School thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. It made us so glad to learn that many of them felt a sense of accomplishment as they were able to weave their mini charpai successfully while reconnecting with their selves from a distant past. 

Live Weaving Sessions with Intel & Woodstock school Employees

Our sessions were filled with a vibrant exchange of stories, ideas, inspiration and learning. A young girl who created the charpai with us took pride in the art form and pledged to live a sustainable life, a boy was inspired to meet the weavers in person and a mother was inspired to decorate her house with products which not only bring aesthetics but also have a story to tell. 

If you too want to be a part of this cultural throwback, you can always buy one of our kits and get started! Our kits are equipped with all the required items, mainly, a wooden frame and textile waste ropes which is all you need to weave your own Charpai! The last step is to simply check out our step by step weaving guides to reconnect with your heritage!

At Sirohi, we believe in sustainable living and would like to contribute to empowering every individual we meet on our way. So, the next time you read about or see any charpai and would like to be part of a session filled with creativity and engaging stories, be sure to mail us at tanaya@skilledsamaritan.com or DM us on Instagram 

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