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Customise Your Space

Tired of settling for ready-made furniture? Hand pick any or all elements of your product to build the perfect furniture piece for your space, sustainably at Sirohi.

Choose your frame, material, colour & weave pattern for the perfectly personalised sustainable home product!


Choose Your Elements

Select the perfect frame, material, colour & weave pattern for your space.

Sketch & Quote

Once you’ve made your selections, we’ll send you our rough sketches with the final quote.

Order Confirmation

After making sure you’re convinced & satisfied with the design, we will get weaving to handcraft the perfect product for you!

Full Customisation

Design entirely new products based on your requirements. To full customise your product, share with us your details and reference images.

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Basic Customisation

Personalise our existing products according to dimensions, colour, pattern, material, etc. For basic customisations and tweaks in existing products. Lets get you started!

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