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Strategic implementation of technology has the power to propel businesses to new heights. A compelling vision, coupled with a product that exceeds customer expectations, forms the crux. Discover SIROHI—an artisanal enterprise championing women’s empowerment in rural North India—exemplifying this dynamic synergy.

Established in January 2021 with a humble INR 30,000, a mere 2 artisans, and 37 SKUs, SIROHI is the brainchild of two visionary womenpreneurs, Gauri Agarwal, a former investment banker, and Gitika Agarwal. The inception was marked by Gauhar Fatima, a lone yet talented woman whose journey from hesitance to weaving a charpoy for SIROHI sparked a transformation. Today lives and communities have been reshaped and the movement has created a pathway for over 960 financially independent women from 5 states in India.

In India, where 85% of artisans depend on offline channels or intermediaries, SIROHI’s approach tackles the absence of a structured platform for designers and artisans, fostering skill exchange and harnessing tech-driven design training. In doing so, SIROHI’s intervention breaches the barrier that deprives artisans of the diverse market opportunities they rightfully deserve. By elevating craft, SIROHI has managed to curtail the exodus of artisans to other professions by an impressive 70%.

“SIROHI bridges the artisanal gap through essential design and skill training. This equips artisans to craft top-tier products, elevating their skills and helping them realize a 30-50% increase in earnings.” Says Gauri.

Discover a sustainable luxury brand created from repurposed textile

Every SIROHI product is crafted from natural materials or repurposed textile waste. Each month, around 15,000 kgs. of discarded textiles and plastic find new life in these creations, saving the planet from about 45,000 kgs. of CO2 emissions.

SIROHI’s impact goes far, thanks to strong partnerships with UN Women and the Ministry of Handicraft and Textiles. As a certified sustainable brand, philosophy blends luxury with values rooted in Indian heritage, promoting a mindful, slower way of life.

SIROHI is more than a brand; it’s a catalyst for change, a testament to potential, and a tapestry woven with empowerment and respect.

Talented women artisans curate a collection that embodies thoughtful design, top-notch quality, and practicality. The assortment spans from furniture pieces—such as Charpais, Chairs, Benches, Stools, Trays, and Tables—crafted from an array of materials like wood, upcycled textiles, jute, and even newspaper.

Additionally, the range extends to organizational must-haves: Baskets & Trays, Trunks, Gifting Boxes, Storage Combos, and more. For those seeking to add a touch of charm to their living spaces, the collection also encompasses exquisite home decor like Planters & Lighting, Wall Decor, Mirrors, and Photo Frames.

Don’t miss out on the recently launched – ‘Conscious Gifting’ section which showcases 10 sustainable, women-led artisan businesses from India with an aim to consciously create beautiful hampers.

SIROHI – a remarkable community tale of exponential growth from boutiques to continents

In just a mere three-year span, SIROHI has scripted an extraordinary tale. What initially started as a modest aspiration showcasing the boundless creativity of Indian artisans has rapidly transformed into a global success story. SIROHI has cultivated an expansive web of connections, stimulated by the loyalty of over 12,000 B2C clients and a formidable alliance with esteemed retailers worldwide.

Artisan clusters flourish across five states, weaving a rich tapestry of heritage and ingenuity. In the digital realm, SIROHI’s online platform is transcending physical borders and is now gracing the shelves of twelve prestigious boutiques across five continents.

SIROHI’s illustrious clientele reads like a who’s who of industry titans, each drawn to the brand’s remarkable offerings. From household names like Haldirams and Anand Sweets to corporate giants like Ashok Leyland and Infosys, Bikanervala, Innisfree, Uniqlo, and many more. The seal of approval from these luminaries underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation and refined aesthetics.

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