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Earn Big with our Bulk Buying Program by representing Sirohi in your city!

Sirohi is looking to grow its team of brand ambassadors in every city and you get a chance to be a part of our sustainable family. We are looking for strong women who want to become financially independent and have quick “entrepreneurial” thinking.

Eligibility Criterion 

  • You can are a woman looking for financial independence
  • If you are a Home Store Owner or have a part time job.
  • A homemaker who is enthusiastic to have her own small business.
  • If you have a spacious living space, where you can organize the pop-up.
  • Having access to multiple whatsapp groups and good connection with society and people of different stratus is essential. 
  • You should have the ability to reach out to people to conduct a successful Pop-up.

Application Form

Apply for the program and add information so you are sure to get selected 

Fill The Form →

Next Steps upon Selection

  • If you are accepted for the program, a member of the Sirohi team will contact you to explain details of the program.
  • We will work with you to finalise pop-ups in your city, where Sirohi will pay all the charges associated with the pop-up fees post negotiation with the vendor.
  • If you purchase our products in bulk to sell at your store, home or popup you can get discounts upto 40%-60%. 

What’s in it for you?

  • A chance to partner with Sirohi’s team and be part of an ecosystem that is bringing about change in consumer patterns in India.
  • Earn upto 20-25k based on commission from sales in pop-ups, bulk sales and referral in your city.
  • Be part of Monthly Sirohi Brand Ambassador virtual meets and engage with confident, strong like minded women.
  • A closed community of women who want to make a difference to their lives first and that of those around them!

For more details, contact us at care@sirohi.org